277 July 28th
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"Essa parceria deu muito certo! Galo vai estar sempre no meu coração!"

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"Sergio Ramos cut the goal net where he scored his goal and took it with him to Madrid" | 24.5.2014

949 July 28th

Tw Ronaldinho: Yesterday I found my great friend Messi and I could personally congratulate him on the beautiful World Cup. It was a great joy!!

191 July 15th
#the best#ugh ronaldinho should SO have been in the wc

Golden Ball winner, Lionel Messi.

1275 July 15th
#just bcs everyone was talking shit about messi and i wanted to rip their throats off#yeah i do think that robben deserved the golden ball more but it doesn't mean that messi didn't#he's a GENIUS you can't say otherwise#lol and to think that many girls were saying on twitter that oscar and david luiz were better than him HAHAHAHAHAH#i didn't know wheter to cry or laugh

Costa Rica’s NT arrives home

1958 July 09th
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3238 July 09th
#and the german players are SO nice you just can't be mad at them#they kept playing normally trying to score their goals but not for a single moment they tried to humilliate#even though they did it without trying lol#also they have been so nice to the brazilian people during the world cup#nicer than the actual brazilian team tho
32954 July 08th
#this guy deserves so much respect#some other players when asked about it only said things like 'oh we gotta lean on the people that love us and get over it'#yeah i know it hurts a lot for them too#but they're getting a HUGE salary to play good football (which most of them didn't)#and soon enough they're gonna go home for their families and loads of money and fame and opportunities#but what about the brazilian people who need to wake up early tomorrow and work their butts off to get a minimun salary at the end of the mo#month?#what about those who suffered the consequences of the ridiculous things that the government did in order to host#this world cup and at the end of the day were still leaning on the nt to get some happines and fun out of all the dirt?#what about the fathers who spent a money they couldn't just to take their children to the stadium?#you may say these are not important things but yes they are#we are the country of football and out people DOES breathe football and it IS important to us#and i hate how some ppl turn the tables#its not us that should confort the players#the players should confort the people#and i love david so much for being the only player out of the interviews i've seen so far that feels and acknowledges this


Brazilian horror story: Argentina winning the 2014 World Cup

946 July 08th
#now that would be the biggest horror story in the world#pls let us beat argentina and ned win the cup pls

Germany’s Starting XI against Brazil

1875 July 08th
#entraram pra historia#êe klose ainda levou nossa artilharia#germany nt