Tw Ronaldinho: Yesterday I found my great friend Messi and I could personally congratulate him on the beautiful World Cup. It was a great joy!!

191 July 15th
#the best#ugh ronaldinho should SO have been in the wc

Golden Ball winner, Lionel Messi.

1268 July 15th
#just bcs everyone was talking shit about messi and i wanted to rip their throats off#yeah i do think that robben deserved the golden ball more but it doesn't mean that messi didn't#he's a GENIUS you can't say otherwise#lol and to think that many girls were saying on twitter that oscar and david luiz were better than him HAHAHAHAHAH#i didn't know wheter to cry or laugh

Costa Rica’s NT arrives home

1959 July 09th
#this is beautiful
3183 July 09th
#and the german players are SO nice you just can't be mad at them#they kept playing normally trying to score their goals but not for a single moment they tried to humilliate#even though they did it without trying lol#also they have been so nice to the brazilian people during the world cup#nicer than the actual brazilian team tho
32949 July 08th
#this guy deserves so much respect#some other players when asked about it only said things like 'oh we gotta lean on the people that love us and get over it'#yeah i know it hurts a lot for them too#but they're getting a HUGE salary to play good football (which most of them didn't)#and soon enough they're gonna go home for their families and loads of money and fame and opportunities#but what about the brazilian people who need to wake up early tomorrow and work their butts off to get a minimun salary at the end of the mo#month?#what about those who suffered the consequences of the ridiculous things that the government did in order to host#this world cup and at the end of the day were still leaning on the nt to get some happines and fun out of all the dirt?#what about the fathers who spent a money they couldn't just to take their children to the stadium?#you may say these are not important things but yes they are#we are the country of football and out people DOES breathe football and it IS important to us#and i hate how some ppl turn the tables#its not us that should confort the players#the players should confort the people#and i love david so much for being the only player out of the interviews i've seen so far that feels and acknowledges this


Brazilian horror story: Argentina winning the 2014 World Cup

946 July 08th
#now that would be the biggest horror story in the world#pls let us beat argentina and ned win the cup pls

Germany’s Starting XI against Brazil

1869 July 08th
#entraram pra historia#êe klose ainda levou nossa artilharia#germany nt
Anonymous asked:
Porque vc acha o Felipão culpado pela derrota? Eu acho que o Neymar e o Thiago Silva é que fizeram muita falta hoje, e a Alemanha simplesmente mostrou ter o melhor time da Copa.

read more pq n gosto de incomodar a dash e minhas resp smp acabam sendo grandes

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Apologies to everybody, apologies to all the Brazilian people, I just wanted to see my people smile. We all know how important it was for me to see all of Brazil be happy, at least because of football. They were better than us. They prepared better. They played better. It’s a very sad day but it’s also a day from which to learn.” x x

3918 July 08th
#vc foi fera parabéns de vdd#apesar de ter pisado na bola durante o jogo#n tem q se desculpar de nd n#qm tem q se desculpar p mim é só o nojento do felipao#VC É ÍDOLO#david luiz
32224 July 08th
#JOGA PRA ELE PORRA#JOGA PRA MIM JOGA PRA NÓS#o que mais dói é isso vei#ver umas pessoas que gastaram dinheiro pra caramba pra ta ali#e ter que ver uma coisa dessas#gente que talvez não vai ver outra copa#as criancinhas que eu via chorando e tristes la na rua#n é facil n